Krisco Chemical Co., Ltd. Has a team of engineers, who are expertise and experience, to provide you with the counseling service and answer questions of various topics concerning the water system, the proper procedure in cleaning Boiler Cooling system. Furthermore, our laboratory staffs are knowledgeable and specialize in the qualitative analysis, in order to get you the most accurate results.


Corporate Profile



Krisco Chemical Co., Ltd was founded on February 5, 2003 conducts its business in selling water treatment’s chemicals for Boiler system, Open Cooling system, Closed Chiller system, Wastewater system, and filter Medias. Our quality chemical product are acquired from the selected suppliers in England, America, Germany, Japan and Thailand.
In addition we also provide full services in Cleaning, Inspection of water treatment systems and issue a Guarantee certificate by certified engineer.


Krisco Chemical Co., Ltd. offers a wide range of chemicals to meet the needs of customers. We provide attentive after-sales service to maximize you profit and satisfaction. Over the past 10 years, we had the opportunities to serve a wide range of customers in various field such as Food, paper, electronics, hospital and hotel industries. We serve, recommend, and solve any problem by a team of skilled and experienced personnel as well.



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1. Hotel

2. Industry: Food / textile / paper / cold / plastic / electronic / automotive component

3. Hospital

4. Building / skyscraper

5. Shopping mall