Krisco Chemical Co., Ltd. Has a team of engineers, who are expertise and experience, to provide you with the counseling service and answer questions of various topics concerning the water system, the proper procedure in cleaning Boiler Cooling system. Furthermore, our laboratory staffs are knowledgeable and specialize in the qualitative analysis, in order to get you the most accurate results.








Reverse osmosis chemicals

Reverse osmosis chemicals

• Anti-scalant for membrane surface of Reverse osmosis system.

• Corrosion inhibitor for RO water

Paint booth chemical

• Decrease stickiness of excess paints, and improve sludge treatment in recirculating booth water


Chemical for boiler water treatment

• Boiler compound for scale inhibitor

• Boiler compound for scale and corrosion inhibitor

• Oxygen scavenger (Food grade)

• Oxygen scavenger

• Corrosion inhibitor for steam and condensate line

Chemical for cooling water treatment

Chemical for cooling water treatment

• Scale and corrosion inhibitor for high alkaline and hardnes

• Multifunction chemical for small-medium size cooling water system

• Slime control & biocide, slime remove

• Slime control & biocide, slime remove

Chemical for waste water treatment

• Heavy metal scavenger. CHEMTECH

• Special organic compound to remove suspended Solid, oil and soluble COD compound from water.

• Anionic  polymer  flocculant.
• Cationic  polymer.
• Nonionic  polymer.


Cleaning chemical

• Acid based cleaning agents contain with acid corrosion inhibitor

• Cleaning agent for air fin coil, dewatering filter.

• Acid based cleaning agent, low corrosive for copper and stainless steel materials.

Chemical for chiller water treatment

Chemical for chiller water treament

• Corrosion inhibitor for close loop system.

Pulp & Paper mills chemical

• Retention aid, recovery for white water in Paper mills

• Antifoaming agent.

• Deposit control agents for slime


Other chemical

• Cleaning  agent  for  cationic  exchange  resin  contaminated  with  iron  oxide.
• Corrosion  inhibitor  for  cleaning  process  with  acid.
• Surface   conditioner  for  iron  and  copper  material  after  acid  cleaning.

Waste water analysis work

pH , TDS , COD , BOD , Oil&Grease and other