Krisco Chemical Co., Ltd. Has a team of engineers, who are expertise and experience, to provide you with the counseling service and answer questions of various topics concerning the water system, the proper procedure in cleaning Boiler Cooling system. Furthermore, our laboratory staffs are knowledgeable and specialize in the qualitative analysis, in order to get you the most accurate results.


Krisco Laboratory



Krisco Laboratory operated by the experienced scientists, who are specialized in the water treatment system, using the advance technology and comply to the international standard. We provide the environment testing service, water quality analysis, and maintenance service of the environmental control equipments.

The company has an analysis laboratory, which have been registered by the Department of Industry, to test pH, COD, TDS, SS, BOD, TKN, OIL, & GREASE, and has passed the proficiency testing of laboratory test results pH, SS, COD, TDS from the laboratory expertise  testing project, Department of Science Service.

Other Service


  1. Chemical feeding unit.
  2. Cleaning  Boiler,Cooling , chiller .
  3. Safty certiciate for boiler.
  4. Laboratory Jar test waste water system